Panchmukhi Hanumanji In Brass ( Sitting Idol ) (13 cm) (1 Pc)


Beautifully Handcrafted In Brass.
For Worshipping & Blessings Of Panchmukhi Hanuman Ji.
Height-13 Cms. Width-10 Cms. Depth-7 Cms. Weight-1600 Grams.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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Numeroastro Beautifully Handcrafted Brass Panchmukhi Hanumanji Sitting Showpiece (13 cm)-Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman is the form of Lord Hanuman with five faces. The Panchmukhi Hanuman is the virata roopa of Lord Hanuman, a gigantic form of Lord Hanuman. There are two forms of Panchmukhi Hanuman. In the first form, all the five heads of Panchmukhi Hanuman are that of Hanuman and in another form, all the five heads are that of Hayagriva, Narasimha, Hanuman, Varaha and Garuda. Out of these, Hayagriva, Narasimha and Varaha are incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Hence, Panchmukhi Hanuman is also known as the combined avatar of Lord Vishnu and Lord Hanuman. Shri Panchmukhi Hanuman is believed to be Tantric representation of Lord Hanuman.

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Weight 1600 g
Dimensions 10 × 7 × 13 cm


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