Garnet & Cats eye Gemstones Adjustable Ring In Ashtadhatu For Rahu-Ketu (1 Pc)


Adjustable Size.
Made With Ashtadhatu.
For Rahu-Ketu Dosh Nivaran.
For Good Health, Wealth & Good Luck.
For Men, Women, Boys & Girls.
Cat’s Eye & Garnet/Gomed Gemstones.
Stone Size – 5 – 5.5 Ct Approx.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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Rahu Ketu Ring For Good Luck, Good Health & Good Wealth & For Rahu & Ketu Dosh Nivaran – According to the experts, the combination of Gomed and cat’s eye gemstones are an exceptional blend in astrology. Although the ruling planets of both these stones are different, which are Rahu and Ketu, yet the combination brings more beneficial results than wearing any one of them.

This works out perfectly for those who are under the malefic “Dasha” of both the ruling planets. In many cases, this combination makes the life of many people more luxurious by increasing both wealth and health.The combination helps one to become more successful and prosperous in their lives.

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Weight 20 g


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