Shri Surya Yantra Pendant In Pure Brass & Glass (1 Pc)


Very Beautifully Handcrafted In Pure Brass & Glass.
On The Front Side Shri Surya Yantra & On The Back Side Shri Yantra.
For Health,Wealth,Good Luck & Good Fortune.
Size- Height- 4 Cms Approx. Width-3.75 Cms Approx. Weight- 20 Grams.
A Premium Quality Product From Numeroastro India.

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Numeroastro Surya Yantra Pendant In Pure Brass (1 Pc) – Surya (Sun) Yantra is Used for Remedies for malefic effects of Planet Sun as per Horoscope Kundli, and many other purposes also.The power of Surya, the sun god, is conceived of as dispelling darkness both spiritual and earthly, curing disease, heating and illuminating the world.The Sri Chakra or Shri Yantra is a yantra formed by nine interlocking triangles that surround and radiate out from the central (bindu) point, the junction point between the physical universe and its unmanifest source. It represents the goddess in her form of Shri Lalitha or Tripura Sundari, “the beauty of the three worlds”. Four of the triangles point upwards, representing Shiva or the Masculine. Five of these triangles point downwards, representing Shakti or the Feminine.

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Weight 20 g
Dimensions 4 × 3.75 × 4 cm


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